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Behavioral Health and Support
Behavioral Health Consultations
The IRC can provide a certified mental health professional to review specific situations or needs that an employer may have regarding mental health concerns or behavioral strategies at their work site to help alleviate work related problems or improve productivity influenced by behavior.
Urgent Incident On-site or Off-site Counseling
On-demand counseling services, either on-site or at an off-site location for crisis events or emotionally disturbing situations that may influence employee’s capacity to perform their duties. This can be especially beneficial for employers who do not utilize formal Employee Assistance Program services.
Stress Management Education
Stress can diminish productivity and negatively affect employees overall health. We can offer information, programs and educational seminars about the management of stress.
Supervisory Intervention Strategies
Training, information and consultation for management and supervisors regarding strategies for intervening when an employee is exhibiting disruptive or problematic behavior in the work environment.
Employee Assistance Program
The IRC partners with True North Wellness Services to provide Employee Assistance Programs to area employers who desire this benefit for their employees. EAP can offer a formal service that will aid employees who are experiencing personal issues and problems with the potential of influencing their work or co-workers. Check with your health insurance provider for cost savings when including this benefit at your business. Visit the Adams-Hanover Counseling Services website at www.ahcsinc.com