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Family Birth Center
If You’re Thinking About Having A Baby… Come To Us For A Happy Birth Day
UPMC Pinnacle Memorial has built the Family Birth Center on the most solid foundation of all – family values. That means we have painstakingly considered every possible detail to ensure a healthy, happy, comfortable stay for you, your new arrival and family members you wish to include. To further celebrate a happy birthday, mothers and one guest will be treated to a Celebration Meal before they go home with their new baby.
Take this virtual tour of the Family Birth Center or schedule a personal tour. It’s more than spacious rooms, more than a fresh, family-focused approach and more than a state-of-the-art technology. It all begins with our competent staff of caring professionals. From physicians to nurses to administrators, our commitment to the comfort and well-being of you and your family is unmatched. To schedule a tour of the Family Birth Center call 717-849-5650. Call today and discover why nobody delivers like we do.
Why choose UPMC Pinnacle Memorial’s birthing facility?
Single-room maternity care for privacy, comfort and superior level of care.
Unlike many hospitals, we offer single-room maternity care. In the Family Birth Center at Memorial, you remain in one room for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care. Our beautiful maternity rooms are spacious enough to accommodate family members you wish to include. Plus, the rooms are warm, attractive and comfortably furnished – including a sleep sofa so father may spend the night with you and your newborn. In addition, one nursing team is responsible for the total care of you and your baby, reducing delays, duplication of effort and guaranteeing fewer disruptions and more privacy.
An unprecedented level of amenities
Not only do we offer private showers, but each room has beautiful furnishings, including a rocking chair. In addition, hairdryers, in-room refrigerators and radio/CD players are just a few of the amenities you’ll enjoy at the Family Birth Center. Each room is equipped with an Integrated Air Support Bed. The surface of the bed can be adjusted for your comfort. In addition, the system provides unparalleled back support during the labor process. But it goes beyond that. All the equipment has been hidden to ensure a warm, home-like atmosphere. Also, there is a separate lounge to accommodate friends and family members.
If complications occur, the Family Birth Center is ready to respond immediately.
Each room is outfitted with a birthing bed for delivery and recovery, and an area for neonatal evaluation, including a clinical bassinet and warmer unit. A fully equipped surgical delivery suite has been designed specifically to accommodate births that are higher risk in nature.
The Bottom Line: Family-focused care means sharing the experience.
For mothers and fathers, siblings and grandparents, the impact of childbirth is profound. That’s why the Family Birth Center at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial has been designed to include everyone in your family. And that’s why our staff is dedicated to giving you and your loved ones memories you will treasure forever.
UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Family Birth Center offers lactation support to new mothers. The Family Birth Center provides every breastfeeding mother delivering in the Family Birth Center with a manual breast pump and instructional booklet to help get through the first week at home. These items are presented to mothers in a large tote bag prior to discharge. The Family Birth Center has information on medication safety, returning to work and many other situations mothers may face while breastfeeding. The center can also provide written materials in several foreign languages for our non-English speaking mothers.
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant coordinates all of the services and activities and is available to answer your breastfeeding questions by e-mail at kplitsch@mhyork.org or calling 717-849-5650.
Inpatient Counseling
Prior to discharge, one-to-one counseling is available with the Lactation Consultant.
Outpatient Counseling
Individual consultations are available in the Family Birth Center for every breastfeeding mother who delivers at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Family Birth Center, free of charge. Contact the lactation team at 717-849-5650 for more information.
Infant Weight Assessments
Some mothers feel the need to be reassured that their infants are gaining weight during the initial weeks of breastfeeding. Weight assessments for your infant are provided in the Family Birth Center at no cost.
Warm Line
The Lactation Consultant is available to answer any of your breastfeeding questions. Please leave a message for the lactation team in the Family Birth Center by calling 717-849-5650.