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Rehabilitation Services Department
The Rehabilitation Services Department is an integral service that complements the goals of the IRC. The Rehabilitation Services Department provides programs that reduce the costs of hiring, compliance and injury rehabilitation. A team of therapists, who are highly trained to develop programs specifically oriented to the industry and work environment, staffs and the department. These programs include, but are not limited to the following:
Post-Offer Screenings
Qualified staff evaluates the employee workstations and/or job descriptions and develops post-offer screenings designed to assess an employee’s ability to meet the physical demands of essential job tasks.
Rehabilitation Services
Post-injury rehabilitation services are performed in conjunction with and are under the guidance of the IRC physician. Rehabilitation services within departments and on-site intervention services are provided, if needed. The goal is to keep employees working in a capacity that does not interfere with an individual’s recovery. The Rehabilitation Services Department specializes in designing rehabilitative programs that emphasize job task replication with emphasis on body mechanics and physical conditioning.
Educational Programs
Education is integral to a healthy workforce. Educational programming is available to all levels of management and employees. The Rehabilitation Services Department’s team-oriented approach to teaching includes professionals well versed in all aspects of health and safety, ergonomics, OSHA standards, injury prevention, back care, body mechanics and wellness.
Consultation Services
On-site ergonomic evaluations help to identify problematic situations that may continue to plague company worksites. Utilization of experts who objectively evaluate specific jobs and job hazards will reduce the overall costs of injuries arising from current conditions. Qualified staff is able to assist with solutions for ADA compliance, ergonomic programs, workstation modifications and other situations related to a worker’s health and safety.
Wellness & Education
Educating employees on health issues is an essential factor in reducing healthcare costs for any business or organization. Awareness and prevention through informational programs and on-site health screenings are positive steps toward a more productive and healthy workforce.

The IRC uses in-house medical educators and community experts on a variety of topics. The following are some examples of presentations available to participating companies:
  • Back safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Supervisor Training on Safety Topics
The IRC Health Services Representatives can suggest and arrange seminars and/or classes based on specific needs and interests.
Periodic, routine and industry-specific immunizations are provided at the worksite or at the IRC facility. For example, annually, the nursing staff administers on-site influenza immunizations as a service to all interested IRC companies.
Exposures to dangerous chemicals, dust and loud noise are obvious hazards to the employee. Active preventative measures, such as pulmonary function tests, audiometric or physical examinations are advisable for employers concerned about maintaining a healthy workforce. This also promotes positive morale and overall employee well being.