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Billing Information
At UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center, we take great pride in assuring every patient the highest level of satisfaction. This also applies to the way our Business Office handles your account; therefore, to help you better understand the various issues related to payment of your surgery bill, we have prepared the following information.
Surgical Charges
The “total” cost of your surgery may be comprised of a number of charges. First, your surgeon will generate a charge for his/her professional services (i.e. performing the actual surgical procedure). These fees are determined by your surgeon. Secondly, UPMC Pinnacle Memorial will prepare a charge (facility fee) for the use of our Center. This charge includes some of the following items:
  • use of the operating room and surgical equipment
  • all supplies and drugs used during your surgery
  • provision of nursing personnel for your care
The administration of anesthetic agents are provided and/or supervised by an anesthesiologist. A charge will be generated by the anesthesia department for professional services. These services are covered under most insurance plans, including Blue Shield.
Also, any pre-surgical testing (i.e. laboratory studies, EKG’s, x-rays, etc.) or surgical specimens obtained during the procedure will be billed to your insurance by the facility providing these services.
Billing for Services
UPMC Pinnacle Memorial will send a bill to your health insurance company on your behalf. This bill will include all “facility” related charges. We normally allow your insurance company forty-five (45) days in which to process the claim and make payment. If payment is not made within this time period, we will send a statement to you requesting payment and your assistance in resolving the outstanding insurance claim.
Payment in Full
UPMC Pinnacle Memorial, through contracts or participation agreements, accepts insurance payments as “payment in full” from participating insurance companies, except for patient deductibles; and/or co-insurance.
Special Note to Medicare Patients
Under the Medicare program, beneficiaries have an annual deductible for both Part A and Part B. Additionally, Medicare requires a 20% co-insurance payment on approved charges. We are required by law to collect these amounts from Medicare beneficiaries. Therefore, you may receive a bill from UPMC Pinnacle Memorial for any deductible and co-insurance balances.
Self-Pay Patients
Patients without health insurance coverage need to make payment arrangements with our Business Office prior to the date of surgery. If you are unable to pay the entire amount the day of surgery, we will ask for a portion as a deposit. For your convenience, we accept Mastercard,VISA and Discover.
Cosmetic Surgery
Patients having cosmetic surgery procedures are required to pay the full amount on or before the day of surgery. Patients are also required to pay the anesthesia charge prior to surgery.
Insurance Cards, Special Insurance Forms and Pre-certification
To assist us in properly processing a claim for services, please bring your insurance cards with you on the day of surgery. We will make a copy for our records. If your insurance plan requires pre-certification of outpatient surgery, please confirm that all requirements of your insurance plan have been met prior to surgery. Pre-certification is usually handled by your surgeon’s office.
Some insurance companies require the use of special claim forms. If this applies to you, please bring the appropriate form(s) with you on the day of surgery.
Worker’s Comp/Auto Claims
To aid us in billing for these claims, we ask that you bring your “claim number” and carrier information with you the day of surgery. We will also photocopy your health insurance cards. This is done in the event that your auto benefits exhaust or your worker’s compensation claim denies.
Should you have any questions regarding your financial responsibility with the UPMC Pinnacle Memorial's Outpatient Surgery Center, please call our Business Office at 717-849-5667 or 717-849-5674.