P.O Box 15118
325 South Belmont Street
York, Pennsylvania 17405

Patient Satisfaction Process
Patient Satisfaction
Patient Experience Feedback
Our goal is to be the best place in our community to go for healthcare where you’ll feel cared for and cared about like family. To make sure that happens, we need your feedback about what we are doing well and what we could do better. Your feedback is valued and used to recognize our team members, as well as to continuously improve on the service and care we provide.
There are several ways for you to provide your valuable feedback:
1. Call our Customer Comment Line by dialing 5300 from any Hospital telephone; or 717-849-5300 outside of the Hospital.

2. Follow-up care calls are made by our staff soon after your Hospital stay or outpatient care visit.

3. After a stay in the Hospital or an emergency visit, you may receive a phone call from our survey vendor. This could show up on your caller ID as HealthStream or area code 615. This brief 10 minute survey gives us information about your time and experience with us.

4. Complete a feedback form. Your feedback will be forwarded to the manager of the department where you received care or service and someone will follow up with you to address your concern.

5. Any patient can mail feedback to:

UPMC Pinnacle Memorial
325 South Belmont Street
P.O. Box 15118
York, PA 17405
Attn: Quality Department


Pennsylvania Dept. of Health
Acute & Ambulatory Care Services
P.O. Box 90
Harrisburg, PA 17108-5164
Thank you for taking time to provide feedback about the care you received at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial.
Grievance Process
If you believe there has been a violation of a patient right, you may request your feedback be reported as a formal complaint, known as a grievance. All grievances will be addressed within seven days.