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Preparing for Discharge
Although your physician determines the length of your Hospital stay, there are federal guidelines regarding the length of time each patient may remain in the Hospital. Your insurance company may also have similar guidelines. Our Care Management Coordinators will work together with your physician and insurance carrier to ensure appropriate care.
If you require further care at home, in a nursing home or other facility, our Care Management Department will assist you and your family in making those private arrangements.
Your attending physician should notify you in advance of your discharge.
Discharge Checklist

1. Make sure you have arranged for someone to pick you up at the Hospital.
2. Review any written instructions from your health care team and ask about any questions you may have, such as medications, activities and diet after discharge.
3. Make sure you have the details about any follow-up appointments or treatment. If not, find out how you can make these appointments.
4. Decide where you want to fill your discharge prescriptions and arrange to pick them up.
5. Please remove any valuables you may have stored in the Hospital safe.
6. Check to see that you have packed all of the items that you brought with you. UPMC Pinnacle Memorial is not responsible for patient belongings.
Discharge Time
Discharge time is at 11 a.m. Please make whatever arrangements are necessary to leave by this time. This will give the staff time to prepare your room for a new patient.