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UPMC Pinnacle Memorial Adds New CAT Scan to Imaging Services

Memorial Adds New CAT Scan to Imaging Services

Imaging services, such as x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and nuclear medicine, are crucial for helping diagnose ailments and assist with interventional procedures.  Memorial’s Imaging department added a new CAT Scan that will improve the care we provide to patients.

The new CAT Scan provides faster imaging, and better spacial and contrast resolution.  CAT Scans use x-rays to take images of the body for diagnosing conditions and assisting with interventional procedures, such as chest and pelvis examinations, aneurysms, appendicitis, cancer, abdominal pain and bone fractures.

The new scanner features 64-slice image reconstruction, which can provide a clear image down to a fraction of a millimeter.  It is also captures images faster and has improved technologies, such as metal artifact reduction (MAR), noise reduction, and organ dose modulation (ODM).

The MAR feature provides better images of metal components in the body, like prosthetic devices, dental fillings and brain implants.  The noise reduction software enables technicians to minimize the radiation dose patients receive without compromising image quality.  Typically, using a lower dose of radiation in a scan will result in background noise that clouds the image.  The technology in the new scanner reduces the background noise so that lower doses of radiation can be used while maintaining a clear image.

In addition to the noise reduction software, the ODM feature provides filtering capabilities to reduce radiation exposure for specified areas of the body.  The new scanner can allow technicians to reduce the radiation dose over sensitive areas of the body, such as the eyes, thyroid, breast or reproductive organs.

The new scanner also includes a display screen for patients to watch during a scan to reduce movement, including cartoon features for kids.  It also enables Memorial to offer new services, including brain perfusions to complement our stroke program and lung cancer screening.