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325 South Belmont Street
York, Pennsylvania 17405

Why Nurses Choose Memorial
“I enjoy Memorial Hospital and the family atmosphere so much. Memorial is like a big family-everyone works as a community to help the patient.”
Erin Shock, R.N.
“I have worked at Memorial Hospital for 34 years. Since Memorial is a smaller hospital, I get to do a lot more things than if I were at a larger hospital. I have had so many opportunities to grow professionally.”
Joyce Page, R.N.
Critical Care Unit
“I love working here because we are a community-minded facility focused on people, patients, associates, physicians and families. We have high quality and customer service standards with an emphasis on integrity! Besides all my friends are here!”
Marcia Feehan, R.N.
Emergency Department
“The patients are wonderful and they are so loyal to Memorial. They make me feel good about being a nurse and taking care of them.”
Mary Jane Thiessen, R.N.
Surgical Services
“I love to work here because I am part of a family who treats everyone involved just as that, part of the family.”
Melissa Bowers R.N.
Critical Care Unit