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Heart and Vascular Center


Cardiac Care


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. — accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths — but it's both preventable and controllable.   At UPMC Pinnacle Memorial’s Heart and Vascular Center, our comprehensive services are focused on preventing and treating heart disease. 


You can expect high quality, compassionate care from an experienced team of physicians, nurses and technologists. This team will focus on diagnosing and treating your heart, while making sure you understand what can be expected during your stay and in the future.  


These are just a few areas where we excel:

  • Emergency heart care.  If you’re experiencing heart attack symptoms, you need immediate, expert care — every second counts.  The healthcare professionals at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial are specially trained in rapid response, assessment and treatment of heart attacks and other life-threatening cardiac emergencies.  If a heart attack strikes, you can depend on top-quality care from our expert team.
  • Early diagnosis.  Our medical technology and vascular services allow our cardiac professionals to detect and diagnose heart disease from the earliest stages, when it can be treated most effectively.
  • Experienced cardiologists.  Our cardiologists, from York Heart and Vascular Specialists, are specially trained in invasive and non-invasive cardiac and vascular procedures and bring many years of experience and expertise to the York community.  For more information on York Heart and Vascular Specialists, visit http://www.yorkheart.com.
  • Heart disease preventive services.  We’re dedicated to helping you prevent heart disease through health screenings and education. Take our online heart risk assessment 

At UPMC Pinnacle Memorial, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We strive to treat every patient as a member of our family by offering one-on-one attention.