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School Programs
School Programs
Memorial is proud to present the following programs that promote healthy lifestyles for children.
Kids in the Kitchen
This program offers an opportunity for students, grades three through five, to make their own meals, while also providing an additional educational component on the importance of nutrition. The hands-on experience can help to empower the students to make their own healthy food choices. Children receive a scraper, recipes and a brochure at the program.
Hands On Hygiene
The program is presented to high school children and shares information about infection control and the importance of good hand hygiene. The program is presented to high school classes and the attendees receive a mini hand sanitizer and brochure at the program.
The KidShape program is geared towards overweight children ages six through 14 and is structured to help these children learn how to adopt better nutrition habits and engage in more frequent physical activity. The program offers nutrition education, physical activity and group/peer support. A parent must attend sessions with the child, and together, they enjoy hands-on educational activities. This program is funded through the Highmark Healthy High 5 initiative.
For more information on these programs, call 849-5492.