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Women 18 years of age and older are invited to join Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Health Program called Healthy Woman! 

Healthy Woman is a program offered at many hospitals throughout the country. One concept that is consistent through all Healthy Woman initiatives is that health education can be fun. Women of all ages are busy taking care of others and Healthy Woman gives women a chance to relax, have fun and take care of themselves for a while.

Memorial’s Healthy Woman program consists of:
  • Events, such as Dance For Your Heart, Ladies' Night Out and Movie Nights
  • Monthly email newsletters on women’s health topics
  • Quarterly programs
  • Women’s health publications
  • And much more!
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To join Spirit of Women and receive event invitations and free information, please complete the registration below. You must be 18 years old to join.
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Memorial Hospital is planning its next Healthy Woman event, a Movie Night.  This fun event will be held on Thursday May 1 at 6p.m. at Frank Theaters (located at the Queensgate Shopping Center). 

Come hear Dr. Niloofar Roodsari from Memorial Family Medicine at Stewartstown talk about body image perception and how "fad" diets and nutritional misconceptions can affect our health. 
See the movie "The Other Woman" 
Experience the positive engergy when a group of women get together for a Movie Night.    

The event is SOLD OUT.  Be sure to look for information about our next Healthy Woman Event, a ladies 5K coming in June.